Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a trial?
Yes, connect with us on Telegram @CrowProxies or Skype @CrowProxies or on our Support section on our website. One day trial passes are $12.99
Some of the proxies aren't changing after 10-25 minutes. Why?
Sometimes it takes certain proxies to expire longer than others, the vast majority are changing in the time we stated on the webstie (10-25 minutes).
How do I change my IP?
Contact us via Telegram or Skype @Crowproxies we will do it for you (Our support is quick and always happy to help)
Can I use Socks5 with your proxies?
Yes, you can choose to use socks4/5 or http/s with our proxies!
Can I get a discount, I don't want to pay the normal prices.
Bargaining, begging, either of these types of activities will be completely ignored and you will be wasting your time!
Can I get a refund?
The only instance where we can give a refund is if the proxies were not working for longer than 1 day. If your service is EVER interrupted for 24 hours or more, we will give you a full refund if you wish in your original payment. We recommend you getting a trial before purchasing a proxy package so you will know if you want to subscribe or not.
Are your proxies good for maintaining social media profiles?
No, not really. The speed can be a factor since these are a mixture of worldwide ips. These proxies are BEST for doing these like scraping, account creation, mailing, social media bots sending traffic, etc.
Do you offer API for your members?
No, current we do not offer API. We do not have plans for any future API at the moment.
My proxies are not working!
Contact us via Telegram or Skype and we will immediately address the issue.
Can I pause my subscription and continue later?
No, only subscribe when you’re ready to use them for a month, we make no exceptions.
Your proxies aren't fast enough!
These aren’t proxies (shared or dedicated) from data centers, these are backconnect residential proxies from all over the world. Speeds vary. Educate yourself because if you don’t know that, you obviously have never used quality backconnect proxies before!
We are dedicated to provide you with the best service with the best customer service. We aren't happy unless you are completely satisfied!



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